Durham Utility Products
Proudly Engineered, Designed and Manufactured In The U.S.A.

For Quality, Responsiveness and Reliability, there is no better partner for Electric Utilities and Distributors than The Durham Company.

Durham Company specializes in the Manufacturing of Meter Sockets, Socket/Breaker and Switch           Combinations, CT Enclosures, Test Switches, C-Line Connectors and Pad Mounted Enclosures including Primary Metering, Sectionalizing Enclosures Fused/Non Fused and Secondary Connection Cabinets.

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Our Commitment to Quality is what benefits the customer. At Durham everybody takes this seriously.

We're committed to getting things done when you need them. Our quick responsiveness to your concerns and challenges is what makes us head and shoulders above the rest!

Our reliability guarantees that you can secure your future with our commitment to you and your needs, now and into the future.

Durham Specializes in Pre-Wired 

20 Amp Sockets and Transockets

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Durham Quality Made Test Switches



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Durham C-Line Connectors
Irrigation Load Control Units
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Power Outages Got You Down?
For Safety Consider Adding a Generator     Transfer Switch
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